Barbados Monkeys

I love looking for the Barbados monkeys.  You can find them all over the island; they even visit some of the hotels.

The monkeys visit my home most afternoons.  They do not come onto the grounds because of my dogs but they do travel through the trees and the young ones stay around to tease the dogs.  I believe that the dogs and the monkeys look forward to the visit.

They are playful and mischievous and will investigate and even take handbags or other things that they find interesting.  They do not attack people under normal circumstances and will sometimes take food right out of your hand.

You must remember that they are wild animals and will defend themselves if they suspect that they are in any danger or even more likely if they feel that a young one is in danger.   I would not recommend treating them as pets or tame animals, they can and will bite.

The Barbados green monkey is a wild animal and you need to treat them that way
The monkeys travel in packs or families.  Here they are on a golf course
This little monkey was with a pack and stopped for a short time
The monkeys are used to living among people and can often be found in their yards
his monkey was on the golf course and we were able to feed them by hand
The monkeys travel together and look for food.  They often find food in peoples gardens
We often find monkeys with their babies being carried underneath
The baby monkeys stay with their mothers for a while and then go off on their own
This monkey was in someones home in their varanda
This was the the leader of the pack looking over his family