Kadooment Barbados

The only part of Kadooment that I photograph is the street party.  I usually go along with The Blue Box Cart.

The security is very strict so I join the band. 

If you decide to photograph kadooment, it is best to check the rout before and choose your spot long before.  Arrive early because you may have to park far away.  If you try to mingle with the participants you may be asked to leave by the security.

If you become part of a band, you are free to take all of the pictures that you want but you will miss out  on the other bands.  You will get fantastic pictures whether you go with the band or stand at the side.

Take rain protection for your camera (just in case) and if you jump with the band protect it from the showers that cool the participants along the way.

As you look through my pictures, you will get some ideas.  Have fun and enjoy my photos.