Kiddies Kadooment Barbados

I usually photograph the "Kids on the Move" band.  They are a group of kids lead by Yasmin. 

I do like working with her.  She is very organized, creates great costumes and insists that the kids behave.

Her costumes are amazing.

If you want to photograph the kids crossing the stage, you have to get a pass in advance but you can get all the pictures that you want on the road.  The costumes that the king and queen wear come off early because they are heavy and uncomfortable.  You need to catch them before they enter the stadium or just after they leave.

The hardest part of catching the kids on the road is the fact that the parents are with them and are often in the way of photographers but the kids are little and they will not be there without their mums so be patient and get what you can.

The kids are cute as ever and the costumes are fantastic.  It's well worth taking your camera out.

Remember to take extra cards and batteries and rain protection for your camera.

I hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.