Barbados Gardens


 Barbados has perfect weather for beautiful gardens.  We have a dry season when we have to water our plants but other than that everything is perfect. 


As a photographer, I love plants and flowers and who can resist beautiful flowers.  Enjoy my pictures, they are a collection of a few Barbados gardens that I have enjoyed and I hope that you get the opportunity to take some pictures of your own. 

You can contact me by emailing or calling 246-234-0821

In the mean time enjoy the pictures and contact me if you need a photographer.


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Toni's garden
Toni's garden

Toni has a beautiful garden with lots of orchids and cacti.

Orchid world
Orchid World

Orchid world is beautiful with orchids everywhere.

So many different colours and types of flowers.

Audrey's garden

Audrey's garden

Audrey's whole yard is covered with plants and flowers.  Everywhere you look you see more beauty.

Andromida Gardens
Andromida Gardens, a beautiful garden in Barbados
Andromida Gardens barbados
Andromida Gardens is a beautiful garden with streams and bridges and a wide range of flowers.  

Mona's garden

Mona's garden

Mona allowed me to visit her garden before opening hours.

She has a beautiful garden and a lot of her plants were quite unique.