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Barbados Ideas-My quest to learn or share something new

This is my fun page.  I love to learn, to teach and to share.  When I have something that I think is worth sharing, this is where I will post it.

If you can learn something too, that would be great.

What I learned today
Deadheading Flowers
Deadheading flowers will cause your plants to flower more
Deadheading flowers
I was researching how to get my flowering plants to keep flowering and I found out that in a lot of cased the plants flower to  produce seeds and if you continue to cut off the old wilting flowers, the plant will produce more flowers.
It helps if you feed it and water it well.
If you want seeds, leave the flowers alone to produce seeds but if you want lots of flowers, cut off the old flowers when they start to wilt because the flowering plants put a lot of energy into the feeding of seeds which form when the flowers die.
Your plant wants to reproduce and will continue to produce flowers if it is not feeding seeds.