Mona's Garden Barbados

Some of the people in Barbados have very beautiful gardens and once a year or every few years, they allow the public to visit.

Mona is one of those people; she has a beautiful Barbados garden and spends a lot of time making it beautiful.  Her plants are lovely.

She owns and looks after one of the Beautiful Barbados gardens.


Orchid world is located in  the middle of the island with a lovely view.  From the time you get in the door you are surrounded by beautiful flowers, all the colours that you can imagine. 

A lot of the flowers look as if they have little faces and they are all bobbing in the wind.

As a photographer, I would definitely recommend a visit to Orchid World.  There is a fee to get in  but it is worth the visit.

Along with the flowers, you will find water features to photograph as well as other types of flowers.

This is a place that you can get totally absorbed in your photography for hours.