Barbados Photos

Barbados is small and Photo opportunities are everywhere.  In Barbados everything is so close that you can go from one great location to the next and visit a few in the same day.   As a Barbados photographer, I like to get absorbed in my subject ,as you will see from my pictures but you can take an island tour and see quite a bit.  These tours are great for drive by shooters but if you are serious about getting absorbed in the photo shoot it would be better to go on your own or go back to the places that you really like.
Some Bajans are happy to have their picture taken but others prefer not so it is always better to be polite and ask.

It takes a while to get all of the photos up and I apologize if your favourite subjects are not there yet.

Best places for scenery photos Barbados
East Coast Barbados
Barbados is a very small island with beautiful flat sea on the West Coast (most of the year) and very rough sea on the North and East Coast.
We are considered a flat island but we still have hills to climb and beautiful views of the coast.
You can find gullies and water spouts.
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Barbados events
Barbados events
Barbados Mounted Policeman
During the year we have lots of events and things happening.  I have not kept up with all of the events but over time I will get there.
Enjoy my Barbados pictures as you see the Independence Parade, Holetown festival and many others to come.
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Barbados animals
Animals in Barbados with pictures
Barbados Monkey
In Barbados we do not have a very big selection of wild animals.  We do have lots of monkeys.  They are very sweet and in some places you can get very close but always remember that they are wild animals.
If you look you can find a selection of birds and other small animals or farm animals. 
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Barbados sports
Barbados has great weather all year round for sports
Barbados sports

In Barbados we have sports all year round.
Out weather is perfect for many sports.  I personally like the equestrian but there are many others.

Barbados photography is a great mix with Barbados sports.
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Barbados gardens
Barbados has some very beautiful gardens with lovely flowers and plants
Barbados Garden
Barbados often has open gardens and a lovely selection of flowers and plants.  These gardens are owned by individuals who put a lot of time and love into their gardens.
When I go into these gardens I look around and everywhere I look is more beautiful that the place before.  When I have my camera with me I am almost overwhelmed by the amount of photo opportunities.
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Around Barbados
St. John's Church Barbados
When you spend time in Barbados, there is a lot to see.  The churches, sunsets, Bridgetown and Speightstown, the Lion at Gun Hill and so much more.
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