Bathsheba is very rough and not safe to swim.  Surfers from all over the world come to Barbados to surf Soup Bowl on that coast and a few times a year we have surfing competitions and Bathsheba beach is crowded with people, boards, food and music.

Bathsheba has a distinct low tide and high tide and the photo opportunities are different at each tide.  When it is low tide pools are visible between the rocks and people do go to swim in the pools. You can find small fish and shells and the pools themselves are beautiful to photograph. 

At high tide the waves are high and rough, the pools are not visible and pictures of moving water and water crashing on rocks are great photo opportunities.

You can also find the small birds that run in groups along the beach and seem to chase the waves back and forth.

Crabs come out as well, you will probably find a ghost crab which is the coulour of the sand and well camouflaged until it runs.

If you go to Bathsheba to take photos, take protection for your camera because the air is full of salt.   Keep your camera covered until you need to pull it out and watch your lens, it will get salty very quickly.  Clean it will liquid cleaner if possible so that you do not damage your lens.

Joe's River meets the sea here at Bathsheba.  This is a beautiful part of Bathsheba beach
Soup bowl Bathsheba is often great for surfers and there are many international surfing competitions
The pools at Bathsheba are great to relax in at low tide.  You can also find shells and soldier crab
This rock is a great place to watch the surfing competitions at Soup Bowl.  It is also nice to sit
I like to look for soldier crabs and pretty rocks here at Joe's river.
The pools at Bathsheba are nice to walk in and look for small fish and soldier crabs.
The waves crashing on the rocks at Bathsheba are lovely to photograph as they crash and roll off