South Coast

Because of the shape of the island, which ends in a kind of point, the South Coast is a mixture of the East coast and West Coast with surfers finding great waves at South point where it is not very nice to swim and walking distance away is one of the most popular beaches for picnics and weddings, Miami Beach.

The Board walk on the South Coast is great for photos but as you drive along the south, you can find many places to stop.  This side of the island is fairly flat and you do not get the views like the East Coast but the photo opportunities are there with the surfing and kite surfing, the mixture of waves and flat sea.

South Point Barbados.  This is a favourite spot for surfers, especially people learning to surf
Waves breaking at South Point, a favourite spot for surfers
Rainbow at South Point Barbados with surfer.
Bright sun on the waves with black rain cloud out to sea.
The South Coast of Barbados is great for relaxing and enjoying the beach
The Board Walk is a great place to walk and enjoy the beach.
Sunset at Hilton Beach Barbados with fisherman.
Flower floating in the waves being washed along the shore.
View of the South Coast of Barbados with Bridgetown in the backgroung
Gazebo on Bay Street Barbados looks over the South Coast with Bridgetown in the background
The sea on the south coast is great for swimming and enjoying the warm water of Barbados
The South Coast of Barbados is great for relaxing and enjoying the beach
View of the coast from the sea.  The sea on the South Coast is calm and great for swimming
The boardwalk is a place where Barbadian people come to walk for exercise and enjoy Barbados