Barbados sports

I am a wedding and family photographer with a little action on the side.  By action I mean sports photography, I love the mixture of action and people and personalities.

In Barbados we have sports all year round.  Sea sports and many other sports.
Look through the pictures.  I have not finished adding pictures so forgive me in advance.

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Pictures of the mud dogs, 4x4 vehicles mudding in Barbados
Mudding 4x4 mud event
We refer to some of out off road jeeps as Mud Dogs.  The name suits them.

Kite surfing
Pictures of kite surfing in Barbados on the South Coast
Kite surfing
Most of the kite surfing in Barbados is done on the South coast.  The guys who teach are really good and have been doing it for years.
There are 5 polo fields in Barbados with polo players coming from all over the world
polo in Barbados
Barbados has about 4 polo fields and polo is played from January to May every year.  

Agility - Dogs
Dogs agility event in Barbados with the Barbados Kennel Club
Dogs agility
These little dogs are great, they learn how to jump and weave around the poles and do so many other tricks on command.
Show Jumping
Show Jumping in Barbados with the Barbados Equestrian Association
Show Jumping
Barbados has a few riding schools.  Some of the kids start riding when they are very small.
Photos of Dressage
Barbados has about 4 riding schools as well places that just do tourist rides.  Each one teaches Dressage, Jumping and Gymkhana.
Some of the students go on to play polo.
Horse racing
Horse racing at the Garrison Barbados
Horse Racing
Horse racing is held at the Garrison Savannah on some Saturdays.  
Surfing in Barbados.  Barbados has great weather for surfing all year round
Surfing in Barbados
Barbados is a great surfing destination with people coming here all year round to surf in competitions.