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Welcome to Joanne’s Blog. What a great way to keep in touch with you and let you know what great things I have been photographing including things like Kadooment and pantomimes.

I believe that as people we should always be growing and always learning and with that in mind I intend to share some of the things that I learn with you in the form of photo tips or whatever. If you learn stuff that you want to share pass it on.

Pictures are a great way of preserving memories and keeping the family together and my first tip to you is – always have your camera ready, batteries charged and card with lots of space. More pictures are lost because – you left your camera at home or your batteries are dead– than any other reason

Polo Open

When I first started taking polo pictures and I came back to my computer, I could not believe how flexible the stick was and how many times it wrapped around the horses neck or got tangled between its feet. I have seen horses hurt and players and they both still love the game.

Look at the sticks in these pictures.

Horse or Kangaroo

This horse bounced every time it had to stop running. When the rider got off I heard the groom say, “now you can tell everyone that you have ridden a kangaroo.

How can they possibly hit that ball

The whole concept of being on a horse that is moving forward and up and down at top speed and being able to hit a tiny ball, that is bouncing on an uneven field, with a tiny stick while another rider is shoving you and someone else is trying to hook your stick with theirs is mind boggling.

Any way, with that in mind, I love to get the pictures with the ball in them. Just look at the positions and effort that goes into hitting that tiny ball.

Polo in Barbados

The game

I love the horses and when I look at the still pictures, I realize how much of the game you miss because it is so fast. In one of these pictures, the rider is over the horses ears.

Children at Polo

The Polo season is about half way over and the children are enjoying it and having fun. Some of the locations have playgrounds but whether there is one there or not the children get together and have a very good time.

Some of the events have entertainment for them, the face painting is really cute.

To see more pictures visit the Photo gallery 2

Fun at Polo

The pictures say it all. During the game, cheering on the riders with each person having their favourites and then the after party.