How to dress for a photo session

The most frequently asked question is "What should I wear for a photo session?" Here are some helpful wardrobe tips for professional photography sessions.

The best answer that I could come up with is to wear what makes you feel good and clothes that you like yourself in.

Think About the kind of picture that you want

You decide on the look that you want. Here are some choices: classic, formal and well groomed, bold, stylish friendly, artsy or approachable, it’s your choice.

The key is to dress accordingly. Is it a business picture or a fun family picture?

·        Avoid patterns and overly-bright colors. Anything that distracts the viewer is a bad idea, so that means avoiding flashy jewelry too.

·        If you wear a tie go with a solid color or simple striped. A minimal pattern is best

·        Avoid white if possible especially if you won’t be wearing a jacket. A little color, or at least an off white shirt, is helpful.

·        If you are going for a look that is slimming go for dark colours instead of light colours

·        Solid colors are slimming instead of bold patterns

·        A single color from head to toe is slimming.

·        Vertical lines are slimming; horizontal lines are not. This can apply to pleats as well as prints.

·        Go with the v-neck shape.

·        Single-breasted jackets are more slimming than double-breasted.

·        High heels are slimming if you are going to show the whole body and so are clothes that are well tailored rather than too loose or too tight

·        Avoid clothes with writing on them

·        Dress in timeless clothing for your family portrait. Let your age, rather than the clothes you wear, date the portrait in other words don’t wear clothes that will be out of date in a few months.

·        If you don’t wear your glasses all the time take them off for the picture. Take off early enough to get rid of any glass marks. If you are tired or don’t feel well it will show in the picture, so get a good night’s sleep, have fun, come with a great attitude and remember that children don’t always behave as you expect them to.

·        You can always mix and match outfits. Get creative! Bring hats, cool shoes, jackets, jewelry -you name it! Got an awesome dress? Feel free to bring that, too. If you're unsure about something, bring it anyway.  

For Groups

Coordinate outfits.

Everybody in the portrait should wear items that complement each other in style and color. It is not necessary for all clothes to match, but suits mixed with t-shirts and jeans do not really work.


Pick clothes appropriate to the portrait's setting.

A beach setting lends itself to casual clothing like shorts and casual shirts, or jeans and sweaters. An indoor portrait lends itself more to formal or semi-formal attire

Enjoy your portrait session. You can never get this time in your life back.