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Dust spots on your sensor

The spot on the picture where the arrow is pointing  is a dust spot.  If your camera has dust on the sensor you will start to see the spots on your images.  Some of them will be dark like this one but most will be light and grayish is colour.

They only show up on pictures that are taken with a small f-stop like, f-16 or f-32 unless they are really big.

The first thing to do is to check your manual.  If you have a newer camera it may have a “clean image sensor” option in the menu.  This can get rid of most of your spots if not all.


If you start to see the spots you may be able to blow away the dust with a bulb air blower.  You can get this done by taking off the lens of your camera and using the bulb blower to blow inside of the camera to blow away the dust.

Make sure to do this in a totally dust free area and be careful.  Inside your camera is very sensitive and can be easily damaged.  If this does not work your sensor may have to be more thoroughly cleaned and I do not suggest that you do it yourself unless you really know what you are doing.  It is very easy to put more dust on than you take off or worse still damage your sensor.



Do not use the commercial air blower in the tin

Do not blow into your camera with your damp breath

Make sure that your bulb blower is clean

Make sure that the air that you are blowing into your camera is not damp or dusty.

If this does not work get your camera services by a professional.  You may be able to clean it yourself but your sensor is delicate and easy to damage.


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