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Fun in Barbados

Barbados is small and we do not have the problem of having 

to wake up at 3 a.m. to get to the destination to get the best morning shots. Even if you are located on the west of the island, you can get to the east for sunrise within half of an hour. 

Nowhere is that far away.

You may want to play around with sports or scenery. 

Beautiful beaches, rugged coasts, birds, monkeys or hills, 

nothing is too far away.

This page is all about sharing some of the great places and 

things that I love to photography when I am just having fun with my camera.


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Barbados may be small but we have 5 polo fields that match some of the best in the world. Polo players come from everywhere to play and party here between the months of December and May.


They usually bring a plane load of supporters who come to cheer them on but mostly to visit the beaches, sample the rum and celebrate at the after party.


It doesn’t matter who wins our guests learn very quickly that Barbadians (bajans) know how to party.


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The Beach


The Beach is the perfect place to get family pictures taken. The best time for pictures is when the sun low in the sky. Aim to start about 2 hours before sunset or very early in the morning.


By the end of a photo session at the beach you will probably be sandy and wet so bring a change of clothes or at least a towel.

We will start with the more formal photos and then just have fun. The beach is the place to be yourself and get some really fun pictures.

Dress comfortably and prepare to have fun.

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kiteboarding and windsurfing
I want to thank Brian and his team for allowing us to spend a morning photographing them kiteboarding and windsurfing.   No words can explain, just look at the pictures. If you like the sun, the sea and some action and a chance to fly give Brian a call or visit him at deAction beach Shop which he describes as the best place to experience beach culture.  

Some people look at the sea and automatically think of it as cold, but really, it is the perfect temperature for a sport like that or just swimming.

The guys in the pictures are Brian (no shirt), his brother Kevin (yellow shirt) and Tony (green shirt). website with all of his contact info

Barbados Green Monkey

One of my favourte things to do is to grab my camera and look for monkeys early in the morning.

These monkeys can be found all over, if you know where to look, you can get really close. They are wild animals but are used to being around people.

There is a family of monkeys that travels across my roof every morning and afternoon


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Kiddies Kadooment

Every year Yasmin creates a great band of children and she has named it Band on the Move. They dress up in the most beautiful costumes and many arrive early to get made up.

This year it was “Deep in de jungle” with Explorers with monkeys on their shoulder, Macaws, Water Nymphs, Jaguars and Flora. The king was a Dragon Fly and the queen was a five year old tree with beautiful flowers.


The children had a great time and performed well when they crossed the stage.


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Kadooment 2010

Kadooment is a street party. The whole object is to have fun. I photograph “The Blue Box Cart” band. They have been around for years.

Each member buys a costume and takes it home and adds all kinds of decorations to it from beads to fake boobs, body paint and wigs.

‘The Blue Box Cart band starts to party at about 7.30 a.m. and they reach Spring Garden by about 2.00 p.m. and by then most of the costume has been washed off or fallen off.


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