Getting Married in Barbados

Our island Barbados is the perfect place for your Barbados destination or sunset wedding and it provides the most beautiful backdrops all year round with our Barbadian Scenes and culture.

We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and people come from all over to get married in Barbados or just have a great holiday.   Our beaches are great for family photos whether you want just beautiful open sand or a wave breaking behind you, it is all here and we are ready to capture it.

Photographer – Joanne Spencer



Looking at Barbados as a beautiful romantic destination to get married and you need to know how to start making plans. You want to plan everything yourself from getting a marriage license and finding a priest or magistrate and a photographer or find a place to stay that will plan everything for you, here is the place to start.

Wedding in Barbados

Planning a wedding in Barbados, here are some of the things that you might want to know. Barbados - is a small beautiful island where the sun shines most of the time, the beaches are as beautiful as they look in pictures with lots of space and the people are friendly, laid-back and helpful. There are lots of things to do during the day and plenty of night life. The beaches are not crowded and are perfect for just relaxing, surfing, wind surfing or sailing.

Do it yourself wedding

I have seen couples come to Barbados and arrange a wedding for the same day or next day, so I know that it can be done and Barbados makes it easy to get married here.  If you have a few days, you can easily arrange everything yourself but if you are coming off of a ship to leave the same day, I would definately recommend that you get help from a wedding planner.  Sonja is the person that I work with, she does everything for you.  You can reach her at

Duty free shopping

Duty free shopping is available in most of the bigger stores and is easy to use. Just carry your passport and ticket with you and you get the item and the duty free discount on the spot.

The weather

Tee shirts, shorts and bathing suit weather all year round. With that in mind, when you are choosing your clothing including your wedding dress please keep out temperature in mind if you choose a thick suit or very warm dress you will be very uncomfortable

The wettest time of year is the end of summer between August and October although or hurricane season starts in June. Most hurricanes that you hear about in this area are only tropical storms when they come our way with the last major hurricane hitting us in 1955.

Bajan People

Bajan people are friendly and if you are driving around the island don’t be afraid to ask for directions or help. Our crime rate is low but there are a few exceptions in every society and we do not have 100% employment so use common sense, it’s still not smart to leave your handbag in unlocked cars or expensive jewelry exposed in hotel rooms or cameras where you can’t see them.

Planning your wedding

Barbados is a beautiful romantic place to get married and people come here from all over the world, because of that there are hotels and organizations that will make sure that everything is done for you, leaving you free to enjoy every part of your special occasion.

Driving in Barbados

We drive on the left hand side of the road and we know that we have to be tolerant of people who are not used to that.

Our roads are not set out in a grid pattern; they are more like following the goat path pattern.   We often see tourists parked at the side of the road with the map out and most Bajans are willing to help. We are only 166 square miles, so my advice is, keep driving around, the island is pretty and you can’t get to far away. You will figure out where you are quite quickly.

Hotels and companies that will arrange everything for you

Silver Point Hotel is one of the hotels that will arrange everything for you.  You can contact them at 420-4416 or  I usually work with Samantha and she has everything organized. -

You can plan the wedding yourself, however I do not recommend it, but if you do here is a place to start.

Marriage License phone number 246-621-0277

The bride and groom have to apply in person at the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Wildey, Barbados.   Most taxi drivers will know where that is.  Make sure that you have your paperwork in order; you will need  your Passports and birth certificates with some form of picture ID, and proof that you are single and free to get married. If you were married before you will need proof that you are no longer married (your divorce papers or in the case of a deceased spouse, you will need your old marriage certificate and the death certificate).

You will also need a letter from the person performing the ceremony stating that they have agreed to marry you and that will have the other info that is needed. eg. your names and the wedding date.

This will cost you BDS $225.

short version

Both of you bring your passports, birth certificates, picture ID, letter from minister or priest, divorce or death certificate (if applicable) and BDS $225 to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Wildey, Barbados.


Priest or Magistrate

Beverley Sealy Knight is a priest who can marry you or recommend another priest who can. You can call her at (246) 422-1044 or e-mail her at .

Wayne Kirton can also marry you and he can be reached at 230-6189 or email or
If you want go get married by a magistrate you will both need to go to the magistrate’s office in Oistins in person with the same documents that you will take to get your marriage License. The contact number for them is (246)428-2885. The taxi drivers in Barbados will know where to take you.


A Taxi

A taxi is easy to find but if you need to carry a number with you here are two that are available day and night. Johnson’s Taxi and Tours 1 (246) 434-8430 or Accra Beach Tours and Taxi Service 1 (246) 435-8527. (Numbers obtained from the yellow pages in the Barbados telephone book)


Some other places that you can get married

As a Barbadian photographer I have photographed weddings all over the island.  The beaches are beautiful and you can choose one when you get here.



You, don’t have to go looking for Tania, she will come to you.   You can reach her at 246 826-2635

She is experienced in makeup for weddings and other special occasions and is great at bringing out your natural beauty.



There are many places that supply flowers but Simply flowers is the one that I use when I need flowers, you can reach them by calling (246)437-6597



Tanzanite Limousine Company (246) 421-9733 

Exquisite Limousine Service Inc (246) 438-5466 e-mail (information on limousines taken from the Barbados yellow pages)


Caterers and cake

As with flowers there are lots of caterers but Corbin’s Catering Services is the one that I would use. You can reach them at (246)427-7777 or e-mail:



Joanne Spencer (246) 234-0821

If you are reading this, there is a chance you or someone close to you is getting married, if so congratulations, I wish you all the best.
As a photographer I take pictures in a journalistic style, I cover the whole story and look for everything both the traditional and anything unusual that happens from the loving gaze in the eyes at the ceremony to the children steeling icing off of the cake.
You may be planning a very small intimate wedding with just the two of you or a big wedding with all of your family and friends. Either way the pictures of your wedding will be the one thing that you have to remind you of the love you shared on that day.
If you are planning a big wedding I usually start about two or three hours before the ceremony and take pictures from the time you are getting ready. This covers the relationship that you have with your mum and your bridesmaids if they are there and other little things like putting on the garter or the special earrings that you borrowed or the blue heart on your big toe and special shots in the mirror.
I then cover getting in and out of the car, the ceremony, the group shots and the after party. 
The time of day to get the most beautiful pictures is the one hour before the sun goes down and you would make my day if you would allow me to use that hour or half hour to take your bride and groom pictures. That would mean planning the timing of the wedding so that you arrive at your reception location about one hour before sunset.


Just a thought – let’s take the bulk of the group pictures before the wedding.

Taking pictures before – traditionally the groom does not see the bride before the church but for pictures can we rethink that. 
The first time the groom sees the bride on that day she should be completely ready, hair, makeup, shoes, flowers everything and it should be in a romantic setting where he sees her coming, the petals on the ground and even perhaps the flower girl and brides maids, her choice. That way he can greet her and hold her without the pressure of 400 eyes. 
Then pictures can start and we can get the pictures of the wedding party and the special people in the couple’s lives, these can all be invited to the pre wedding pictures time.
Perfect timing – my idea of perfect timing would be for the wedding to be planned with the time of sunset in mind because one hour before sunset is the best time to take pictures. For me as the photographer, the ideal day would be.
Bride and groom get ready, Groom and bride meet, Group pictures, Ceremony, Half hour to one hour couple pictures, Sunset, party.
One disadvantage of my ideal day is that we break tradition by a few hours and you are going to get a lot of trouble from parents and grandparents. The other disadvantage is that group pictures will end up being in the middle of the day when outdoor in the sun pictures just don’t work, we will have to do them indoors or find a place that is shady and pretty.
The advantage is that after the ceremony and a few more pictures at sunset the couple can spend their time partying or with their guests the whole picture thing is over except for perhaps a few with close friends who were not invited to the pre wedding pictures time.
If you prefer to be traditional please remember that the best time for pictures is the hour before sunset unless you want to get really romantic and get your pictures takes just after sunrise.


Two things to watch out for

Our sun – Wear sunscreen, sunburn is very uncomfortable and you don’t want to spend your wedding day or honeymoon saying “don’t touch” or being bright red with tan lines in your pictures. Unless you are looking for that “guess what happened to us when we got married in the Barbados” story. I would suggest resisting lying in the sun between 11.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. and if you decide to go for it any way do it for a short time the first time just to see how it affects you because sunburn doesn’t show or hurt for the first few hours.
You can get burned even on cloudy days or while playing in the sea. Walking on the beaches of our east coast doesn’t even feel hot but our sun is deceptive. Wear sunscreen.


Barbados Rum - We make rum, really good rum, but be careful of something we call rum punch, it has a lot of punch, it’s not like the bottle stuff that you can get at some other places. It tastes great and invites you to drink too much. Of course I love when the rum punch is really flowing and everyone is really happy because that is when I get my best party shots.
If you are a first time visitor, have a really great time and if you have been before, we welcome you back.