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Welcome to the BarbadosPhotos Newsletter club 16th Feb 2012

Goal for your picture
 I have found that one of the biggest aspects of 

getting a good picture is planning for the

 picture or having a goal.

To get these pictures, we decided that we were 

going to look for turtle pictures.  

We asked around and found a place where the

 turtles were close.  We asked for permission to

 go onto the property and the rest was easy.

My goal was to get the turtles face out of the 

water, full on, but when i did i found that i liked

 the ones from the side better.


How did I get the shot


Most photographers  who take pictures of

 horses running want to get the shot with all 

of the feet off the ground and tucked under

 them and I am no exception.  To get this shot, 

I used a very fast 

shutter speed, 1/800 of a second.  The camera 

was on shutter speed mode or sports mode so

 that the camera chose the correct f-stop and I 

followed the horse pressing the shutter button as often as I could.  You may call it a lucky shot but

 my dad always said "the harder you work, the 

luckier you get".
Put your camera onto sports mode and see if

 you can get a similar shot. 

My favourite camera accessory

I use my tripod all the time.  it makes a 

huge difference when you want sharp

 pictures.  When a picture is small, on

 face book or ona website you don't see

 the lack of sharpness but if you want

 your picture printed, you will need to

 have a sharp image. Especially if you

 want a large print.
There are two thing that cause a 

 image, lack of focus and a shaky camera

 and the tripod can keep your camera steady

 and solve one of  your problems. 

Dust spots


The spot that is circled in the picture is a 

dust spot on my picture.  The dust is actually

 on my sensor.

it does not show on on every picture.  Sometimes

 it is a lot lighter and slightly grey and 

sometimes it is very faded.

You will see the dust spots when you take 

pictures with a small f-stop, f-11, f-16, f32.

if it is just a light piece of dust you can take 

off the lens and use one of the bulb air blowers

 to blow air inside of the camera to blow away 

the dust.


Do not use the tin air blower.

Do not blow into your camera with your damp 


Make sure that the blower that you use is clean

 and not damp.

Clean your camera in a clean area with no dust

 in the air.

If this does not work, get your camera serviced

 by a professional.  You may be able to clean it yourself but your sensor is delicate and easily damaged.

Ted Talks that I like

I love the Ted Talks, if you have not heard any of them, here is a place to start.  They are all different and are short talks by intelligent people.

Here are two that I have listen to recently that I enjoyed:

I take family and special event pictures

When you hire me to take pictures, I don’t want it to be because you are 

not good at taking pictures.

I want you to hire me because you want to be sure to get great pictures and

 you don’t want to take them yourself or have to humbug the guests at your

 event, either during the event or after.


You are usually behind the camera and you don’t have pictures with you in


We should all have pictures to look back at to remember the special times,

 people, pets and also things in our lives.

Contact me to capture your special event