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Photo Tip – Photography takes patience

I waited for ages for this humming bird to sit quiet for a split second.  I had been trying to get pictures of it moving but they were not in focus 100%.  Humming birds are fast.

Whenever you see that really great picture, you can be sure that the photographer did not just snap and get the lucky shot.  Chances are they took hundreds of pictures before they got the one that you are looking at and a lot of time and planning went into it.

To put it another way, to get the perfect shot, you need to plan the location, time of day and have all of your equipment ready to go.  Chances are you will have to do that a few times because nature does not plan its time around you and even when it seems prefect, you may still have to wait.

Getting the perfect shot takes patience.  My brother got the humming bird shot that I was going for with the birds tongue inside the flower.  He was on holiday and it took him 40 hours, spread over many days of waiting and missed shots and most people will look at that picture on face book and quickly flick to the next one.



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