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Picture quality

When you set up your camera you have the option to setup the picture quality.

Some settings give you the option to get lots of pictures on your card and it seems like a no brainer but when you use that setting you get very small pictures that are not good enough quality to print.


Some choices that you have are RAW, jpg fine, jpg normal and jpg.  I use the raw setting most of the time because it is better at allowing me to correct small mistakes that I make in exposure.  Jpg fine is great, it gives you a nice large picture that can be printed quite large.  I have never used the middle jpg setting and I use the small one if I am taking a picture that I will never want in any quality form or if it will only be used on the web as a very small picture.


To put it all in one sentence.  If you want to print any of your pictures or give them away as gifts, now or in the future, use the best quality that you can work with which will probably be jpg fine (the raw setting has to be viewed in the software that comes with your camera or a programme like Adobe).


You may need to get a bigger card to take better quality pictures but it is well worth it.



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