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The difference between a snap shot and a great photo

I was working with some children and 6 girls came to me and asked me to take a friend picture of all of them together. They were ready to get close together right where they were for me to take the picture.

I asked them to move to another location and I took their picture.   All I had with me was my camera and an on camera flash and I knew that they were in a hurry because someone was waiting on them.

After they left, I felt that I had just taken a snapshot that anyone with a camera could have taken and then I realized that I had done a few things that came automatically to me without even realizing it.

  • I took them out of the midday sun and found open shade without speckled light coming through the leaves.
  • I took a picture and because I had a digital camera, I could show it to them which made it easy to describe the positions that I wanted them to change.
  • I checked the background of the picture to make sure that it complemented the picture and did not distract from it.
  • I zoomed in

If you take up your camera and snap a picture, quite often that is a snap shot and in order to get some pictures, your baby’s first steps for instance, you need to snap it quickly, however you can.  When you put some thought into your picture you are creating a photograph and  there is a place for both.

The picture of the girls could have been better with an off camera flash and the perfect location and the picture would have been similar with a point and shoot set to P (programme mode).  Whatever camera you have, you can take great pictures.  It’s not the camera that takes the picture, it’s you.


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