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I am a wedding photographer and family photographer and love the fun side of people with all the different personalities and ways of doing things.

 Congratulations on your engagement.  So you want to get married in Barbados, that’s such a lovely choice.  Barbados has so many locations to get married, you can choose  a beach wedding, a garden wedding, get married in a church or private home.  Whichever you choose, Barbados is perfect.  As a photographer, I use my camera to tell your wedding story.   It could be a sum of all the little things, the kids stealing pieces of the cake, the guests having a great time, the crazy selfies.


The beach wedding with a short intimate beach ceremony, some formal pictures and then fun pictures, some people like to draw special messages in the sand and some even tackle the waves in the sea.

I would love to get to know you and your fiancé so give me a call or email  and allow me the privilege of capturing the story of your wedding.

Wedding and Family Pictures
Wedding and Family Pictures

Wedding Photos

As a wedding and family photographer building this site, I have based it around my pictures and photography.

Weddings are fun and intimate and there is something going on all the time and they are all different.  As a photographer, I capture your wedding and take pictures that tell  your story. 


I love personalities, and the fact that each of us is so unique. 


Each of us has something about us that is special and that is what I try to capture in my photos.  It could be the way you project yourself or your personality.


 As you look through the pictures you will see the personalities of the people in the photos.  With wedding and family photography my goal is to capture you in a way that brings out your best, most of the time (I can’t resist the crazy ones).


I love people and action pictures and when I put the two together we all have a lot of fun.


Click on the photo.  I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.


 Family Photography

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Wedding and Family Photography
Wedding and Family Photography

Family photography

As a family photographer, I look for the unique and special things about each person.

Each family is different, some are very fun loving, some serious and others are a little crazy (in a good way).  Each family and individual has a unique personality and deserves to be photographed to capture their true nature.   The you that you want to show.

Welcome to my wedding and family photography website.

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