Family Photography

Engagement Photography taken around Barbados at the beach or any location that the couple choose
Engagement Photography

Engagement photos are a great way to personalize the save-the-date announcement.  They have also been used to  personalize your wedding website, wedding announcements,  get to know your wedding photographer and placed in small frames to decorate your actual wedding location or to decorate the top of your gift box.

Pet Photography taken at their homes.  Pets are part of the family too
Pet Photography

My pets are part of my family and if they are also a part of yours, you will know what I mean.  When I think of pet photography, it is more than capturing an animal.  It is capturing the personality.  Like children, they grow and change as they get older and each one has it own unique character, some have special toys or things that they love to do and are good at and others are shy.

Each pet should be captured to show their own unique personality.  It takes a lot of patience to photograph this member of your family and if your dogs are like mine, they are almost impossible for you to photograph because once you are around, they feel that it is your job to entertain them and they are by your side.

Hiring a professional to capture your pets picture may be the best or only way to actually get a really nice photo.
family pictures taken in Barbados on location, at their homes or any of the beautiful locations in Barbados
family pictures

Your family, there is nothing more important to you in the whole world.  But how many of us just don’t have nice family photos.  Unless you set aside time and make it important, it might not happen.

Any time that three or four generations get together, is a great time to get family photos.

Other great times are birthdays, anniversaries  everyone is on holiday together, and the birth of a new baby.  Find a good reason and get those photos.  Use the opportunities when everyone is together and healthy.

Barbados has so many great locations for family photos and any excuse to get together and have a good time is a good one.

child photography.  pictures of children taken around Barbados.  At home or many other locations
Child photography

Children are so cute and they grow and change so fast.  From birth, they seem to change every day and as they get older, they change from newborns, to babies, little girls and boys, teenagers and then adults and you get to start all over again with grandchildren.

I love to watch these special little people change as they grow.  Not only their looks but their personalities, the things that they love and the things that they love to do.

The time goes so quickly, make a schedule and get pictures taken on a regular basis to capture all of the changes in personalities and looks.  Capture all of the special changes as they grow.

Pictures of couples in Barbados.  Brides, engagements or just couples in love

Young love, people who have been in love for many years, engagements, graduation, valentines.  Whatever the occasion couples photos are a lovely way to commemorate a relationship.

Engagement photos are especially important, since they are often used to announce the wedding.

Couples photography is a great way to show your love in your special relationship.   Each couple is different and I work with the couple to capture their unique personalities.

Maternity Photography.  pictures taken at many of the beautiful locations around Barbados
Maternity photography

I look back at my maternity pictures and I can’t believe how big I was.  Your body changes so much is such a short time and them then the baby.  Pregnancy is such a special time and you only get to experience it once, twice or maybe three times and then it will never happen again.

Motherhood begins before birth and then the family expands.  Capture the special times before the baby is born all the way through to the grandchildren.

In Barbados you can get your maternity pictures taken on the beach or in the privacy of your home or garden.  Make it a special time for you or your and your partner to cherish.   The photos can be just for your private viewing or a work of art.