Wedding  Pictures

As a wedding photographer, I have photographed weddings all over the island.  Wedding photos in Barbados can be very special because you have such a wide range of choices for Barbados photos.

Beach Weddings
beach wedding at beaches around Barbados
Beach Weddings

The beaches in Barbados are perfect places to get married and get great wedding photos.  You can choose a beautiful long beach or rocky beaches with lots of rocks and cliffs.

The priest or magistrate will come to the location of your choice for your beach wedding and perform the ceremony right there.  The ceremony is usually very short, about 10 to 15 minutes.  You can choose to make it as simple or as  fancy as you like with an arch, flowers, cake and champagne or just the two of you and the person performing the ceremony and me, the photographer.  You will need one other person to witness to make it legal.

You pictures also can be as simply or fancy as you like, you can even decide to strip down to a bikini and shorts and have extra romantic pictures on the beach to get great Barbados photos.

I like to get to know you a bit so that I can get the pictures that go with your personalities.  Some people like just the traditional pictures and others like to play with me and get the beach wedding fun pictures, draw special messages in the sand, play beach games or go into the sea.  When I photograph a beach wedding, I dress to get wet, just in case.

Brides in taken at weddings around Barbados
Barbados Brides

The beautiful brides, each with their own personality.  All of them are beautiful, so much time goes into the dress, makeup and hair and should be captured to bring out that beauty.

I like to spend some time just with the bride to get  those pictures that show the beauty of the very special brides that I work with.

Pictures of couples in Barbados.  Brides, engagements or just couples in love

Young love, people who have been in love for many years, engagements, graduation, valentines.  Whatever the occasion couples photos are a lovely way to commemorate a relationship.

Engagement photos are especially important, since they are often used to announce the wedding.

Couples photography is a great way to show your love in your special relationship.   Each couple is different and I work with the couple to capture their unique personalities.