I am a wedding and family photographer

Allow me to introduce you to Barbados and a Barbados

Destination Wedding Experience.




Romantic, fun photographs that will make everyone who has ever had a huge big wedding with all that fuss and confusion, jealous.


Enjoy Barbados with me through my photos.  I am a wedding and family photographer but I do love a little action on the side, by action I mean sports.  I also love Barbados and as a photographer I have to take my camera out for a spin sometimes so you get to see Barbados through my photographers' eye.


Whether you are in Barbados to get married or just enjoy our beautiful island, if you have an itchy shutter button finger you will find photo tips on photography, the best places to take photos and other stuff about taking photos in Barbados.


If you find that you need a photographer, get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


You can contact me by emailing bip@caribsurf.com or calling 246-234-0821

In the mean time enjoy the pictures.

Wedding and

family Photography

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Wedding Photography
Wedding photography

Whether you are a Bajan or a visitor to the island, hiring a professional photographer will allow you to relax knowing that your memories are being captures.
You are free to enjoy your event or join in while the rest of the family is surfing, horseback riding, water skying or enjoying the island in many other ways.

Hiring a photographer will allow you to know that your pictures will be sharp and in focus and you will be in them.


Whether you want a wedding photographer or family photographer, you will find it here.

Pictures of Barbados

Welcome to Barbados photos where you will find pictures of everything that I can think of.

Barbados is a beautiful place to take photos, with its unique culture and lovely landscapes.
Because Barbados is a small island you can go from the North of the island to the South in the same day.  The landscape at the North is very different to the South as well as East to West.
You can schedule a few different photo events in the same day because everything is so close.

I add to his regularly so if there is anything that you want to see, please let me know. 


As a wedding photographer and Family photographer I have also photographer people all over the island as you look through the pictures you will see great places for family photos.

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Learn Photography

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Learn photography
Learn Photography
At How to ace Photography, I use the pictures that I take around Barbados to teach photography.

It is so easy to get to very different locations that I make it a point to have photo projects and I use them to demonstrate different photo techniques.