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email:                             or             call or Whats App:        246-234-0821

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Need a photographer, call or WhatsApp Joanne 246-234-0821

Hi, I am Joanne

I was the kid with the camera, the one who took pictures of everyone and everything

I love the fact that everyone is unique and we all have our quirks and I work to capture that.

Each person is special as well as our pets and each of the things and events in our lives should be remembered and cherished. .

I love macro photography where you can get all the little designs, the amazing way that God put so much detail into the things that we don't even notice.

When we look back at pictures, they should bring back the memories of our special times, moments, people and pets that pass through our lives.

Pictures should also show us how amazing our world is and allow us to relax and just enjoy every moment.


Photo Tips

So many people tell me that they take terrible pictures but I believe that for most of us, not all, with a few tips and a little or maybe a lot of practice our photography can improve more than you can imagine.

Take a look at these few tips and put them into practice next time you have a camera or even a phone in your hand.

Just one little thing can make a huge difference.

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